What are the dangers of obesity?

overweightThe dangers of obesity are numerous and affect people in a number of ways. It has been found that obesity can cause more than 50 different health problems. Not only does obesity significantly increase the risk of those diseases that are among the main killers in the US such as diabetes, stroke, cancers and heart disease, it also contributes to mental health problems arising out of depression and social stigmatization. Hence, obesity and the dangers of obesity is gaining importance as it has the potential to considerably reduce one’s lifespan.

  • Risk of Heart disease and Stroke: Obesity is likely to increase the risk of high blood pressure 6 times than in people who are lean. This in turn with other complications such as high levels of cholesterol in blood leads to a 32% greater risk of heart disease and 64% increase in risk of strokes.
  • Risk of Diabetes: Diabetes and obesity are very closely associated with one another. In fact, it has been found that nearly 90% of those who suffer from type 2 diabetes are obese. The risk of diabetes comes from the fact that fat around the waist in particular causes improper processing of insulin leading to insulin resistance. Diabetes in turn leads to various other complications such as kidney failure, blindness, foot or leg amputations, etc.
  • Risk of Cancer: Increasingly, obesity has been associated with various types of cancer such as breast cancer especially in postmenopausal women, colon and rectum cancer, esophagus, kidney, pancreas and thyroid. In addition, fat cells result in higher amounts of estrogen and the adipokine hormone which results in certain types of cancers.

The obesity that is referred to in the sections above is a condition wherein the waist is roughly more than one half of the height of an individual or the BMI (Body Mass Index) is greater than 30. Basically, when an individual consumes more calories than they burn over a long period of time, it strains the organs and other metabolic processes leading to various diseases. Conversely, all of these dangers of obesity can be mitigated by balancing the calorie intake through diet and exercise.

Should we be Having a Good Time at Work? Yes!

obama laughingLaughing out loud is beneficial for your health. Laughter can help you connect with others as it is contagious because it is similar to when a person smiles or is kind to you. It will elevate your mood and those whom you interact with. The more you make people laugh, the more you reduce their stress and this improves your chances of social interaction with them for they will always love to associate themselves with you.

Laughter brings about a relaxed feeling; that physical release that you will feel after a good laugh. In fact you are likely to experience an emotional release after that good laugh. In addition, laughter is a good workout for your shoulders and the heart as it will leave your muscles relaxed. It even exercises the diaphragm.

Your point of view is influenced by your response to stressful events in life. Laughter shapes your cognitive framing as it will enable you to see those stressful events in a light manner. The stressful events will appear as challenges which will help you achieve your goals rather than threats and obstacles to your goals. Laughter will help you to be distracted from emotions that wear you down such as anger and hatred in way that will benefit you as compared to other distractions which might increase the prevalence of negative emotions such as gambling.

Laughing out loud is not only convenient and but also free. There are so many things and activities to make you laugh whether you are with friends or alone. For instance, you can go to a comedy club where you are bound to laugh, the jokes cracked and the contagious laughter of those in attendance will leave you in stitches. You could also explore avenues like television comedies, hilarious movies or simply fake it.

The Importance of Home Pest Control

just say no to bugsDo you need to know some pest control tips for your home? Pests are not only a nuisance but can also affect our lives severely. This explains why pest control is vital in safeguarding homes, apartments, institutions, and any other dwelling from pest infestation. Asking questions is the first step in learning how to control pests. A person needs to know the type of pest in his or her home as well as the available options for preventing the pest infestation.

Mostly, there are many things that an individual have to do before considering using chemicals to control pests. Just like other animals, pests need nourishment, water, and a place to live in. Every so often, pest infestation problems can simply be solved by eliminating these critical items. Reducing or controlling pest infestation starts with fixing any leaking plumbing works in the house. The house owner should look for and remove other sources of water, like trays under house flowers. Another tip involves making sure that food materials are tightly sealed and wastes habitually removed from the house. Occupants of the house should not leave pet food and water haphazardly overnight. In addition, if pesticides are applied in the house, pet foods and water need to be removed from the region. Lastly, hiding places such as cracks and fissures around cabinets, wardrobes, tables and baseboards should be closed off. Also, keep youngsters and pets away from places where insecticides and/or other chemicals have been applied.

Upon completing these and other precautionary steps, bait or traps can be used to control some pests.   In most cases, these are methods are very effective and are low risk to pesticide exposure provided that they are kept of bounds for children and pets. Homeowners can also consult local extension officers to get additional information on how to control individual pests. I hope you find this article useful and informative.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review

product imageThe Gaiam yoga balance ball chair can be purchased from FitSeats.com Chair Reviews. The chair is a perfect fit for people who have to sit for many hours at the office desk, thus experiencing back pain. It is developed by chiropractic pioneer Dr. Randy Weinzoff. 

The unit is very similar to the yoga exercise ball; however, you don’t have to perform any physical action to feel the positive effects of the ball chair. Customer reviews of the unit show that the first couple of days or even weeks using the ball can be tough, resulting in a sore back. However, you don’t need to panic, just keep on using the chair. It turns out that your muscles, in order to keep the balance, keep adjusting your body, thus using every little muscle that you have never even heard of or noticed in your every day life. This constant balancing and exercising will keep your back straight and keep you sitting upright. As the pain goes away after a couple of days, you won’t even notice sitting on the yoga ball. Yet, your muscles will still keep on adjusting your body, thus strengthening your back muscles and keeping your back straight and healthy. On top of that, the unit will alleviate aching leg and arm syndrome as well. 

As it turns from a two year long term review of clients, the chair performs perfectly well in the long run and keeps the back, leg, and arm pain away from you all the time. So if you are required to sit in an office chair for many hours every day or you experience an aching back, leg, or arm, I highly recommend trying out the unit, which is the best yoga chair at Fitseats. In my opinion, the Gaiam balance ball chair’s proven results, coupled with its fair pricing, make the yoga unit an excellent purchase for everyone.