The GP Business Counsel was established in 2011 as a partnership between two MBA’s from the University of California, Berkeley: Dan Johnathan Tepper and Kieth Francis Miller.  It began as a thesis project and has develop back in 2009.  We noticed that there was a lack of online resources pertaining to business advice that delivered real, uncut, and helpful information for seekers of business and marketing related knowledge.  Sure, many sites existed, but no one would divulge the whole truth.  The theory, we think, behind this lack of resource: the people in the know guard their information.  After all, once everyone learns what is really working, then more competition is created.

So we decided to go against the grain and spill the proverbial beans.  If we can create a more educated community as a whole, it will propel the entire economy and increase our standing in a global scale, as opposed to just being big fish in small ponds.  We believe that you get back what you give and in this website you’ll find many tips that we’ve found that have been helpful for both entrepreneurs and established corporations.  We encourage you to share as well.  If there’s anything we’ve missed or if you simply like that you’ve seen, please make a comment.  We’d love to hear from you.