Should we be Having a Good Time at Work? Yes!

obama laughingLaughing out loud is beneficial for your health. Laughter can help you connect with others as it is contagious because it is similar to when a person smiles or is kind to you. It will elevate your mood and those whom you interact with. The more you make people laugh, the more you reduce their stress and this improves your chances of social interaction with them for they will always love to associate themselves with you.

Laughter brings about a relaxed feeling; that physical release that you will feel after a good laugh. In fact you are likely to experience an emotional release after that good laugh. In addition, laughter is a good workout for your shoulders and the heart as it will leave your muscles relaxed. It even exercises the diaphragm.

Your point of view is influenced by your response to stressful events in life. Laughter shapes your cognitive framing as it will enable you to see those stressful events in a light manner. The stressful events will appear as challenges which will help you achieve your goals rather than threats and obstacles to your goals. Laughter will help you to be distracted from emotions that wear you down such as anger and hatred in way that will benefit you as compared to other distractions which might increase the prevalence of negative emotions such as gambling.

Laughing out loud is not only convenient and but also free. There are so many things and activities to make you laugh whether you are with friends or alone. For instance, you can go to a comedy club where you are bound to laugh, the jokes cracked and the contagious laughter of those in attendance will leave you in stitches. You could also explore avenues like television comedies, hilarious movies or simply fake it.

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