Kneeling Chairs: A Fine Example of Meeting the Demands of the Consumers

women working at the deskLong hours sitting on your office chair may often create back pain. This is definitely strenuous on the supportive body parts such as the spinal ligaments. ¬†As we’ve been moving more into office based professions are working longer and longer hours, the tolls on our bodies have become apparent. People are becoming more conscious of their health and have demanded a solution.

An ergonomic office chair thus provides ease of movements back and forth, for example the kneeling chair. This is specifically designed to support the knee in order to achieve a proper alignment of the spine and to provide comfort at a convenient period of time.

Kneeling chair is fixed with a seat sloping at 30 degrees, ideal for; comfort, spinal alignment and pain relief, and improved internal organ activities. Giving space to the hips also allows your lower back to relax and decompress.

In the market it is found in different designs. The original earliest designs include HAG balance and the Verier Variable. Others include Gravity balance and the That-sit balance. A typical improvement in the HAG balance is the Verier Wing balance with an adjustable knee pad. Before using this type of ergonomic chair, it is preferable to identify the type of discomfort you experience. As stated earlier, discomfort may range from back pain, hip pain or knee pain. You can then choose the best design of a kneeling chair that will suit your comfort ability.

Back pain may be relieved by improving sitting posture where an upright spinal alignment is maintained, easing pressure on the back, shoulders and neck. This increases breathing and flexibility therefore relieving you off the pain. Additionally, other mild pains in other body parts and internal organs such as muscles and ligaments, that might be as a result of back pain , are relieved. All this increases performance and concentration at work. The use of this chair is not limited to offices only but can as well be used in homes, for kids, in computer playing stations and even for meditation. Your back pain could be as a result of your sitting posture. It is time you tried an ergonomic chair for relief.

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