AC Business 101

central air unitOne of the greatest and probably the most beneficial inventions in recent times is the air conditioner. It not only offers you peace and comfort during the hot summer but also protects you from the debilitating heat. These are quite useful machines but are certainly expensive. It is for this reason that you make it your responsibility to maintain your air conditioner. As a matter of fact, maintaining an air conditioning unit increases its cooling efficiency, makes it last longer, reduces its operating cost, the air coming out of it smells much better and it definitely will last longer. In this article, we look at a few tips given to us by ducted air conditioning, to help you maintain your air conditioner.

#1 Conduct a General Check

This entails checking the AC unit for any leakage, blockage, damage or strange sounds. Also ensure that the drainage is proper from the condenser tube. During your general check, always remember that the drain tube is very susceptible to blockages. Therefore, remove the drain tube and check each piece to make sure there are no blockages. In case of blockages, use a bottle brush to run through the tube as this helps you eliminate the blockages you cannot reach. You can then clean the tube by pouring one cup of chlorine bleach mixed with equal parts water through the tube. Re-assemble the tube and place cover back on the air conditioning unit.

#2 Check the filters

Make sure that the filters are clean. Dirty filters hinder the efficiency of your unit making it uneconomical to run. To gain maximum performance, make it a point to clean your air conditioning unit every month. Do not forget to clean the air vents, registers and the compressor unit.

#3 Tune Ups

An occasional tune up is necessary for rejuvenating your AC’s energies. This procedure is quite complicated and if you are not conversant with it, it is best to seek the services of a qualified HVAC technician.

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